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Sundae Best: Housing Market Conditions Improve

Much optimism has returned to the housing market in the past week. Here are a few of the interesting insights in case you missed them. Buying conditions improved in the second quarter Attom Data Solutions reported data this week that shows housing is becoming more affordable for average earners in many parts of the country. […]

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6 Reasons for Optimism in House Prices in the Short Term

Here are six reasons we think housing prices will not be dropping anytime soon. The stock market is doing well and closing in on pre-pandemic highs.   Over 50% of all job losses were among below home buying income level households. Some of those jobs are coming back, too. There is still a lack of supply of […]

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Defining Flight-to-Quality Investments in Residential Real Estate

Flight-to-quality, also called flight-to-safety, is a common financial market phenomenon that describes the behavior when an investor sells a perceived high-risk asset during a financial downturn and switches to safer investments. In financial markets, investors may shift to blue-chip stocks and Treasuries because they seem relatively safer in the downturn.   Real estate, like the stock market, […]

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Will We See a Post-Coronavirus Surge in Relocation?

According to John Burns Real Estate Consulting, the aftermath of coronavirus may see some huge changes in where people want to live. The agency recently predicted what it calls The Great American Move. The idea is that we are going to see an enormous increase in relocation in the near future resulting from changing behaviors […]

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6 Questions Investors Should Ask Lenders During a Downturn

Even in normal times, building a great relationship with a lending partner is a difficult challenge for property investors. But these are not normal times.  The outbreak of COVID-19 has shaken up every industry, including real estate. Though the long-term impacts on housing finance remain to be seen, a potential economic downturn would present both […]


Introducing the Sundae Investor Blog

Welcome to the Sundae Investor Blog. Here we’ll be discussing all things related to real estate investment, with an emphasis on helping you make money, increase your knowledge, and become a better investor. Expect to find tips, advice, news, and industry insights related to topics such as: Finding, buying, and selling properties Securing financing Managing […]