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Key Storylines Impacting the Housing Market

The following stories take a deeper look at trends affecting housing in recent days.

10 big issues to keep an eye on

With COVID-19 at the top of the list of issues affecting real estate, outstanding  questions remain on the long-term impact of the health crisis on the real estate industry, from how we use space to whether or not entire industries will be wiped out or reimagined.

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Job growth better than expected

June unemployment numbers  saw a dramatic improvement to 11.1% overall, far lower than anticipated from adding roughly 4.8 million jobs! That blasted through expectations, with 40% of those jobs added coming in the Leisure and Hospitality sector.

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Unemployment insurance claims drop

While hotel and retail industry mortgages are still suffering the impact of COVID-19, single family rental mortgages are performing much better in June than April.

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